"Connecting Purpose & Audience To Reveal YOUR Million Dollar Value."

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Your Million Dollar Value comes from what you're most intuitively brilliant at. This tends to be an unconscious gift you've had all your life. 


When you have the courage to stake your claim on the absolute value of the gifts you provide you will literally change the WORLD! 


What They Say About Graham

Mari Smith

"My conversion rate QUADRUPLED after working with Graham and his insights led to a Million Dollar Business I love."
"Queen of Facebook"

Melanie Benson Strick

"Graham's insights guided me to making Multiple Millions as the Trainer I knew was within my potential."
"Authority Amplifier"

Casey Truffo

"I DOUBLED workshop registrations and monthly sales. I began getting 10x the conversion from online ads and I'm up $20k/month in sales!!"
"Making Practices Profitable"

You need to be totally committed and absolutely inspired by your vision before you can manifest your Incredible Potential. This requires that you be crystal clear about what your purpose is and who you're here to serve.

We don't choose the gifts we're born with, but it's our responsibility to fulfill our purpose through giving them fully.


Graham R White

What To Expect Working With Graham

Craig Gauthier

"I retired early from the millions in sales from stage based on the genius Graham saw in what I had to offer."
"Compelling Speaker"

Lisa Sasevich

"Graham uncovered my unique genius – and convinced me to turn a $27 ebook into a multi-million dollar business!"
"Selling Without Being Salesy"

Kevin Doherty

"I have now done millions in sales based on the marketing template I created working with Graham and now teach others."
"Build Your Dream Practice"

My name is Graham R White and my expertise is helping people identify, leverage and monetize their Million Dollar Value. 

Having been the Head Coach for the world's largest personal and financial coaching program, I have seen in detail what creates success in the lives of over 30,000 individuals.

I have also generated multi seven figure sales for my own online businesses and know intimately what it takes to succeed when passion for making a difference is a bigger driver than profitability.

This experience has led to having an uncanny ability to recognize people's core purpose and who they were born to serve. Combined with my expertise in authentic marketing, my clients develop offers that are so valuable that it would be irresponsible for their audience not to make a purchase.

My clients go on to create millions of dollars worth of value for others while living their purpose and making a fortune in the process.

Ironically, what is most valuable about us often remains hidden because it feels so easy that we don't recognize the value it holds to others. 


I collaborate with my clients in creating million dollar businesses by identifying these strengths and then crafting a way to offer them that makes that value irresistible.


It scares us to claim our brilliance with conviction. I support my clients in the process of stepping into their greatness by removing the doubt that who they are and what they have to offer is of exceptional value.

Money is simply the result of sharing the value you have given. My clients go on to create millions of dollars worth of value for others while living their purpose and making a fortune in the process.

If you have the courage to play full-on, I'm happy to talk with you. We'll know you're exactly where you need to be when you're feeling both excited and nervous. If your goals don't scare you, they're not big enough!