Graham's Story

I discovered I had a knack for understanding what compels people to rush to authentic offers in my early 20's. 

It began as I was working my way through University where I would pack nightclubs with my creative marketing ideas. 

By 21 I was making more working a couple nights a week than any adult I knew.  That suggested I might want to consider a different direction than the psychology degree I'd been pursuing.

I would go on to spend a decade as a hired gun turning bankrupt businesses into wildly successful seven figure locations.

In 2001 with the birth of my first child I decided to shift my focus to something that allowed me more time at home and began coaching in areas of personal development.

That decision led to a partnership with an International Personal Develop company where I built the World's Largest personal development coaching program with 150 coaches and 30,000 clients.

I kept coming across individuals with tremendous passion, purpose and desire but who lacked understanding of marketing principles they felt comfortable with.

That let to the creation of this business, "Million Dollar Value" where I am instantly able to see the connection between the passion and marketplace and the mechanisms to connect the two.

There are many people you may already be familiar with who have created million dollar businesses built on the untapped potential I saw in them.

If you have a Million Dollar Value the world needs, I will not only be able to help you determine precisely how and where to share it, but potentially connect you with synergistic partners to explode your business virtually overnight.

Linda Sasevich

“After working with Graham I began making millions with what I used to give away for free!” 

Craig Gauthier

“My first time on stage with what Graham suggested resulted in a million dollars in sales!”

Mari Smith

"Graham's guidance led me to discover my true Million Dollar Value and I now make more money in an hour than I used to make in a Month!”